Zoom Room is a Bowser Jr. mini-game in Mario Party 9.


  • Work with your teammate to catch Bowser Jr. as he races around the maze.
  • The pair must try to catch Bowser Jr. before time runs out. Players run around the maze, chasing Bowser Jr., who sweats when a player gets close to him. Bowser Jr. always runs faster than the players, so it is not possible for a solo player to catch him alone. Because of this, the two players must cooperate together in order to corner him.
  • Players can use the mini-map in the center of the screen to help them, though it only shows characters, not walls. The best chance of catching Bowser Jr. is if the players run at him from opposite sides when he's in a corner.
  • If the players catch Bowser Jr., they'll kick him, and he will fall down with stars going around his head. The players then strike victory poses.


Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Press arrow keys to move.

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