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Zipper is one of Waluigi's three Karts in Mario Kart DS. The other two are the Standard WL and Gold Mantis. It resembles a three-wheeled chopper like motorcycle. It has average stats, all of which, except for weight and items, are slightly lower than his other karts. It is the successor to the Waluigi Racer from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

It shares its speed with Luigi's Streamliner, and it shares its handling and drift with Mario's B Dasher. It shares its items stat with all other characters' heavier karts.

It is unlocked when either the player completes all cups in the 100cc Retro Grand Prix along with Waluigi, or when the player completes all cups in the 150cc Nitro or Retro Grand Prix. Toad and Wario can use the Zipper when all 150cc Nitro or Retro Grand Prix cups are completed, just like how they can use Mario's Shooting Star. All characters can use this kart when all cups in Mirror Mode have been completed.

Notably, this is the first bike in the Mario Kart series, but does not have the same abilities as the bikes used in Mario Kart Wii.


Class Heavy
Speed 66
Acceleration 58
Weight 70
Handling 51
Drift 55
Items 100

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