Zess Deluxe is an item and recipe that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Like with some of the other dishes such as the Zess Cookie and Zess Dynamite, it is a dish named after Zess T. herself. It is a rather tricky dish to make requiring rathr specific ingredients where some are other dishes. The easiest method to making a Zess Deluxe is to mix a Golden Leaf (which can be found in the Creepy Steeple) and a Whacka Bump (which can be found on Keelhaul Key).


Eating a Zess Deluxe replenishes 40 HP and 40 FP making it an extremely effective recovery item and one of the best recovery items in the game second only to the Jelly Ultra.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient
Golden Leaf + Whacka Bump
Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak
Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta