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Zero Suit Samus (real name Samus Aran) is a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series. She is from the Metroid series and is bascially Samus without her Power Suit on.


Zero Suit Samus first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission, a remake of the original Metroid for Game Boy Advance. Following the "normal finale" following Samus' defeat of Mother Brain, Samus escapes the base on Planet Zebes. A cutscene immediately follows which shows her shedding her Power Suit in order to fly her original Gunship. However, Space Pirate ships shoot her down back onto Zebes. Stranded and without her Power Suit, Samus must infiltrate a nearby Space Pirate compound and sneak her way into an area where an ancient Chozo test will allow the Power Suit to rematerialize onto her.

Zero Suit Samus makes another playable appearance during the timed escape sequence at the end of Metroid: Other M, escaping with Adam Malkovich's helmet.

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Zero Suit Samus is a playable character. After Samus uses her Final Smash, the Zero Laser, her Power Suit falls off, leaving her in only the Zero Suit. The respective shield button on the player's controller can also be held on the character selection screen, to trigger Zero Suit Samus starting instead. Zero Suit Samus' functions as a separate fighter with her own armament and combat style, in much the same way that Princess Zelda has an alter-ego, Sheik, with different moves.

Zero Suit Samus reappeared in Super Smash Bros. 4. She is now a standalone character and can no longer transform into Samus under any circumstances. As a result, she has a new Final Smash, Gunship, in which she jumps into her Gunship and fires laser blasts at her opponents. Her design has been updated to reflect her appearance in Metroid: Other M while retaining some general aesthetic elements from Metroid: Zero Mission.

Zero Suit Samus returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable fighter. Her Final Smash has changed again to another form of the Zero Laser, in which she jumps atop her Gunship, wearing her Power Suit, and fires the Zero Laser down onto the stage from the top of her ship before finishing with a final blast.


  • Zero Suit Samus is the fastest Metroid character in Ultimate. With a Bunny Hood equipped, she is capable of running on the Big Blue stage's racetrack without falling behind Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon.

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