You're the Bob-omb is a duel minigame in Mario Party 8. It bears similar gameplay to BOWSER's Big Blast, though its contestants can go at the same time.


Two Shy Guys in cranes will put two large Bob-ombs on stands on each side of a large quarry. Mario and his opponent walk up in front of the Bob-omb, confronted with several switches with cords leading to the Bob-omb on the opponents side.


The objective is to blow up the Big Bob-omb on the other sides. To do this, the player must press one of the switches in front of them. Only one of the cables are live, and the others are dead. The players will both press the chosen switch at the same time, and the line will either stop just before the Bob-omb, or go all the way. If it goes all the way, the Bob-omb on the other side will explode, and there will be a winner, unless both explode or they use all the dead wires. Then it will be a tie.

The losers are blasted up, and when they come back down, they fall into the ground, making a hole. The crane picks him or her up, while the winner is doing a victory dance.


  • The name is a pun on the famous phrase "You're the Bomb".
  • There is no telling where the live wires would be.