The Yoshi Theater is a location in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is the only known place in the Beanbean Kingdom where the Yoshis are located. The Yoshi Theater is run by Boddle, the younger brother of the famous Chuckola Cola maker Bubbles.


Yoshi Theater as seen in the remake.

Mario and Luigi head to the Yoshi Theater to find the next Beanstar piece while Evelyn, Jose and Markus explored outside. They quickly find one but the Yoshi Theater owner Boddle wants to use the shiny piece for his banner. But Jose told him that they have to research for the town in the archeology. Boddle agrees to hand over the Beanstar piece but if only Mario and Luigi could give him special items called Neon Eggs. Boddle says that the Yoshis will only give up the Neon Eggs if they are fed Bean Fruit which can be found underground in certain areas over the Beanbean Kingdom. Boddle is nice enough to mark the areas on the map and Mario and Luigi head out to find them. Mario and Luigi return and does so and Boddle gladly hands over the Beanstar piece.

The Yoshi Theater is seen again at the very end of the game where it was revealed that the entire story was watched by the Yoshis on the movie screen.