Yoshi Falls is a rather simplistic track that appears in the Nintendo DS game Mario Kart DS and has been ported to the Wii game Mario Kart Wii. It is the second course of the Mushroom and Shell Cup in both games respectively. The missions 1-3 and 3-4 take place in the course in Mario Kart DS.


The overview of Yoshi Falls from Mario Kart DS.

Yoshi Falls has a location in a crater valley, shaped like a circle with a lake in the center of the course along with possessing a gigantic Yoshi Egg inside the lake. Three waterfalls also surround the area with the water on the ground. There are also bridges on the area, preventing the risky shortcut on the quickly moving waterfalls.


When starting the race, the player has a choice of two lanes; crossing over the bridge on the left side or the waterfall rapids on the right side. While the waterfall rapids one is a shortcut, it is risky, unlike the bridge which isn't a shortcut and isn't risky. Then, the player must continue driving until finding a large bridge and waterfall rapids. This time, the bridge is more safe and is quicker, as opposed to the waterfall rapids which is too quick and thus is too risky, even using Mushrooms. The bridge also features items on it. Afterwards, some Dash Panels can be found. They can be avoided by the option of snaking as well. Next, the third bridge and waterfall rapids can be found. Like the first time, the bridge is not a shortcut, but safer and the waterfall rapids is, but is risky. There is also Item Boxes rolling down from the waterfall. Next, there are boosters that can be found on the left side for speed or snaking can be used. Then, the finishing line can be found. These steps must then be repeated two more times.


  • At the start of the lap go across the first (or third) waterfall and use the mushroom to speed up.



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