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The Yoshi Egg makes its debut in the popular SNES game, Super Mario World. It is first found in the level, Yoshi's Island 2, and is later found in other levels. Once the Star World has been reached, different colored Yoshi eggs appear that grant the rider different abilities.

  • Green Yoshi Egg - Normal Yoshi Egg, allows rider to eat many enemies.
  • Blue Yoshi Egg - Once the user eats a Koopa, the user may fly for a while.
  • Yellow Yoshi Egg - Once the user eats a Koopa, the user may ground pound.
  • Red Yoshi Egg - Once the user eats a Koopa, the user may shoot three Podoboo-like fireballs at the same time.

Green Yoshis can use this ability if they eat a Koopa shell that shares the same color as the Yoshi Egg ability wanted. If a Yoshi eats certain shells in Donut Plains 4, the user may use all of the abilities, regardless of the Yoshi's color.

In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi creates eggs by swallowing enemies. Yoshi can then throw these eggs at enemies as weapons. They can also be used for collecting coins and flowers. In addition, they can be used to hit Winged Clouds.

Mario Kart series

A Yoshi Egg is a white egg with different colored spots. In Mario Kart, it is always green. Yoshi Eggs in this series are harmful in every appearance they make.

Mario Kart 64

In Mario Kart 64, a giant Yoshi Egg appears as an obstacle in Yoshi Valley. The obstacle is hard to avoid, being huge and taking up most of the space in the area. Being hit by this egg squashes the player.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Artwork of a Yoshi Egg.

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the egg is used to hit your enemies in front of you. It is Yoshi's Special Item in the game, like Toadette's Golden Mushroom. They have good homing capabilities and can release three random items. If the egg does not hit an opponent or structure, it will break shortly after it is tossed. Only Yoshi uses this power-up; however, Birdo can also use her version, a plain white egg, which is called a Birdo Egg. In Yoshi Falls, there is a gigantic Yoshi Egg in the middle of the lake; however, it does not affect the race in any way.