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Not to be confused with the game Yoshi's Cookie.

Yoshi Cookies are a favored snack of the Yoshi species. They are featured as a special item in various Mario titles, first appearing in the game Yoshi's Cookie. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, including flowers, hearts, circles, checkered squares and even a head that resembles Yoshi. Some cookies come in flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla and sugar cookies with icing in the middle or even a checkerboard design.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


Yoshi Cookies first appear in this game where they are the main items of Yo'ster Isle. With a Yoshi Cookie, Mario can feed Yoshi them in order to keep up his speed. This is helpful for trying to beat Boshi in the race. If Mario and Yoshi win the race, they are awarded with more Yoshi Cookies that can be used in battle. When a Yoshi Cookie is used in battle, a Yoshi will appear and eat the cookie. There is a chance that the Yoshi may eat the enemy and it will disappear from the battle (though, no coins or EXP are earned from this). However, the enemy is instead turned into a random item.

Paper Mario

The Yoshi Cookie appears as a food item in Paper Mario. If Mario gives Tacye T. a Cake Mix and a Melon, she will make one Yoshi Cookie. This item recovers 15 HP and 15 FP, respectively. The Yellow Yoshi in Yoshi's Village will give Mario a Melon if he brings him food cooked by Tayce T. Yoshi Cookies can be sold for twenty coins each. Another type of Yoshi Cookies, known as Big Cookies, appear in this game. It also bears a good resemblance to the Zess Cookie from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and the Sweet Cookie Snack from Super Paper Mario.

First Ingredient + Second Ingredient
Cake Mix + Melon


Unused Yoshi Cookie.png
  • Yoshi Cookies were intended to be in the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but did not make it into the final game for unknown reasons. They had the same effect as a berry.
  • Yoshi Cookies made a cameo appearance in Yoshi's Crafted World where they are shown in the back of levels as ads on bulletin boards.