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Yoshi's Tropical Island is Yoshi's board featured in Mario Party. This board is a tropical island where many Yoshis live at. Two Yoshis are shown in the middle of the island. These two Yoshis need help; the Pink Yoshi is stuck on a small island surrounded by whirlpools and the Blue Yoshi, the Pink Yoshi's best friend is worried and watches from the shore.


The Star Space is located on one of the islands. The only time the Star relocates is when a player triggers an Event Space. Bubba would appear and takes Toad to the other island and Bowser takes his spot. Bubba spits Toad to Bowser's spot at the other island. If the player triggers the Event Space again, then Toad and Bowser would switch spots again vice versa.


If the player visits Bowser, he would like for the player to use his defective Bowser Tubes to help out the Yoshis, but trying the Bowser Tube on ends up busting the tube. So with that, taking 30 coins from the players.


After becoming the Superstar, all the Stars would hover over the whirlpools and made them disappear. The  Stars then transform into a bridge of Stars for the Blue Yoshi to cross to meet his friend on the small island. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place people, and the supporting cast joins the Yoshis on the small island. The 4th place person tries to join them, but gets taken away by Bubba.


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