Yoshi's Safari is a game starring Mario and Yoshi for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is the first game released in the western market to refer to Princess Toadstool by her Japanese name "Peach", albeit only temporarily. 


The Koopa Kingdom has attacked, and Jewelry Land has been split into two parts: Light and Dark. Mario and Yoshi have to rescue King Fret and Prince Pine, and retrieve the twelve magic gems that keep the kingdom in balance.

Stages and Bosses

  1. Grass Land: Lemmy Koopa: Garnet Gem
  2. Mushroom Land: Ludwig von Koopa: Amethyst Gem
  3. Pipe Island: Wendy O. Koopa: Aquamarine Gem
  4. Crescent Coast: Larry Koopa: Diamond Gem
  5. Spirit Mountain: Morton Koopa Jr.: Emerald Gem
  6. Grand Bridge: Iggy Koopa: Pearl Gem
  7. Float Castle I: Roy Koopa: Ruby Gem
  8. Cornice Cave: Magikoopa: Peridot Gem
  9. Boo's Mansion: Big Boo/Boo Buddies: Sapphire Gem
  10. Float Castle II: Chargin Chuck: Opal Gem
  11. Dark Sea: Koopa Troopa Battleship: Topaz Gem
  12. Bowser's Castle: Bowser: Turquoise Gem


  • The twelve gems stolen are the birthstones for every month.
  • This is one of two games where Ludwig von Koopa is fought early instead of as a penultimate boss, similarly to Paper Mario: Color Splash, where he was the third Koopaling to be fought.
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