Yoshi's House is the home of the Yoshis in the Mario series of games.


Super Mario World

Yoshi's House first appears in Super Mario World and its Game Boy Advance remake Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World.

There is a fireplace and a mailbox that says Yoshi. If Yoshi is with Mario or Luigi, Yoshi can jump off the Message Block and eat the seven (ten in the Game Boy Advance), berries in the tree allow him to form an item. The regular Yoshi forms a Mushroom, red does a Fire Flower, yellow does a Starman and the blue does a Cape Feather.

In the Japanese version, the Yoshi sign is in Japanese. On the mailbox's door, the "T" with a line over it is the symbol for the postal service in Japan. This symbol is, strangely, also present on the mailbox in the international version. Also, in Yoshi's welcome message, Yoshi's paw print was a new feature. The Japanese message is strangely signed "Super Dragon Yoshi." The comparisons can be seen below:

Also, the birds on the top of the tree are the same colors as the Yoshis in the game. There is also a white line in the area strangely.

Mario Superstar Baseball

Yoshi's House does not technically appear in Mario Superstar Baseball, but makes a cameo in Yoshi Park as a cardboard cutout reminiscent of Yoshi's Story.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Yoshi's House reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Mario and Luigi talking in front of Yoshi's House.

Like Super Mario World, Yoshi is not home and is out of his house. The message he left is also familiar to Super Mario World's letter. Unlike Super Mario World, Yoshi now lives in a proper building structure. There are also berries on the top of the house, similar to the berries on the tree in Super Mario World.