Yoshi's Cabana, also known as Yoshi's Shop, is a location that appears in Paper Mario. It is an Item Shop run by a light blue Yoshi on Lavalava Island within Yoshi's Village. The inventory of Yoshi's Cabana mainly sells items that the past Item Shops sold making it the first Item Shop in the process to not sell any unique items. Buying the Snowman Doll from here will be useful for the many fire-based enemies of Mt. Lavalava.


Image Item Price
SnowmanDoll.png Snowman Doll 15 coins
Thunder Rage (Paper Mario).png Thunder Rage 15 coins
FireFlowerPM.png Fire Flower 5 coins
TastyTonicPM.png Tasty Tonic 2 coins
Honey Syrup (Paper Mario).png Honey Syrup 6 coins
SuperShroomPM.png Super Shroom 15 coins