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Yoofoe wiki image

A yoofoe in its first phase

Yoofoes are round purple enemies that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They appear to be robotic flying saucers, and only appear in specific kingdoms once the main quests for that kingdom have been completed. Once defeated, they will reward the player with a power moon. However, the one in Darker Side awards a 1-UP heart when it is destroyed.

According to the power moon received for their defeat, Yoofoes may be aliens.


One Yoofoe appears in the Wooded Kingdom above the arena Spewart was first fought in. The second one is in Bowser's Kingdom above one of the two Broodal fight arenas. Their battle mechanics are identical.

The last Yoofoe, which is encountered in the Darker Side, can be stomped on more easily if Mario climbs one of the cliffs and long-jumps off its head as it passes by. However, Mario can still use the Goomba Tower strategy in his attempt to kill it.


Yoofoes have two phases. During the first phase, two long spike bars extend from the sides and slowly orbit their main body. The Yoofoe will then fly around the area, dropping Goombas and spike balls as it goes. (Only 8 Goombas can be dropped at a time. After that, the Yoofoe will only drop spike balls.) Mario must capture a Goomba with his hat (which is possessed by Cappy) and build a stack high enough to allow him to stomp on the Yoofoe's head while avoiding the spike bars. It will then enter its second phase. In its second phase, the Yoofoe extends four longer spike bars instead of two, but the fight is otherwise unchanged. Stomping the Yoofoe a second time will defeat it.


The name "Yoofoe" is a pun of "UFO" (referencing their similarity to flying saucers). It is a coincidence that it has "foe" (referencing the fact that they are enemies).


  • Their design is similar to a top-hat.
  • They are not true bosses, as evidenced by the fact that they have no intro or defeat cutscenes, despite having multiple phases of combat.
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