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The Year of Luigi was an event that was held in 2013 to celebrate the 30 years of Luigi. It focused on many Luigi-related content including games that focus more on Luigi than his older brother Mario.


New Super Luigi U

PS WiiU NewSuperLuigiU enGB
New Super Luigi U is basically the same as New Super Mario Bros. U, except that the game mainly focuses on Luigi and no other characters (except for Toads). Many are the levels are the same, but there are a few levels that is only exclusive to this game. This game was eventually released pre-downloaded onto New Super Mario Bros. U with the Wii U bundle.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (Boxart)
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is the sequel to Luigi's Mansion and it once again stars Luigi. The main plot of this game is to collect the Dark Moon pieces after King Boo destroyed it and caused the ghosts of Evershade Valley to turn hostile. This game is arguably the most popular of the Year of Luigi games due to the gameplay, plot, and length.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth game of the Mario & Luigi series and the sequel to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. However, unlike the previous game, most of the actions of this game comes from controlling Luigi. Several things, such as Luiginary Attacks, Luiginoid, and the dream world are all mainly associated with Luigi. Luigi has also finally receive recognition from Bowser and then considers the green-clad plumber a threat like Mario.

Luigi Bros.

Luigi Bros title
Luigi Bros. was a mini game hidden on the main menu of Super Mario 3D World. The game was a rip of the original Mario Bros. game on the NES, with Mario being replaced by Luigi, and the second player replaced by a Luigi that looks similar to Luigi with a Fire Flower power up.

Dr. Luigi

Dr. Luigi Logo
Dr. Luigi is a game that was released as downloadable content for the Wii U on December 31, 2013. This game stars Luigi as Dr. Luigi who must get rid of the Viruses. This game is a sequel to Dr. Mario but with much better graphics. This is the last Mario game of the year 2013.


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