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The Yarrctopus is a character from Yoshi's Crafted World. He makes his home in Yarrctopus Docks. His status as a mini-boss prevents him from giving out a dream egg upon his defeat. Write overview about the character here. Please follow the Manual of Style. Please remove unneeded headings. Compare other pages to be sure that it is the correct style.


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The Yarrctopus is seen when Yoshi makes his way to the end of the Yarrctopus docks. Once Yoshi gets there, the Yarrctopus is awakened by Kamek. As Kamek makes his getaway, the Yarrctopus emerges. However, Yoshi manages to win the battle


The Yarrctopus attacks by hiding behind different walls. These walls will eventually fall, their descent a warning sign that he will attack. Then, he fires a spiked ball from his mouth. Yoshi can retaliate by firing a Yoshi Egg at him, causing damage. After three hits, the Yarrctopus will fall off the ship. There are rocks in the water, so Yoshi must time his shots carefully.

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