Super Mario RPG Statistics: Yaridovich
Yaridovich's artwork from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Location(s) Seaside Town
Health Points (HP) 1500; 40360 (Armageddon)
Attack 125
Defense 85
Magic Attack 70
Magic Defense 75
Weaknesses Thunder
Dropped Item Shed Key
Psychopath Message "My promotion's at stake!"
Dropped Coins 50
Experience Points 40

Yaridovich /'jɑrɪdəʊvɪx​, jə'rɪdəvɪx​/ is a boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is one of the head members of the Smithy Gang.


Yaridovich appears to be made completely of metal. He also wears a red cape and carries a spear.


Yaridovich was first seen posing as the Elder of Seaside Town and tricks Mario into getting the Star Piece found in the Sea. Yaridovich, along with his clones, force Mario into giving up the Star Piece and they attempt to get away. However, Yaridovich doesn't see the Axem Rangers with the Blade so he decided to swim away even though he might rust. However, he was stopped by Jonathan Jones who tells him that Mario earned the Star Piece fair and square. Trapped, Yaridovich has no choice but to fight Mario and his team in battle. After he was defeated, Yaridovich disappears and Mario earns another Star Piece.


Yaridovich has many attacks at his disposal. First, he will usually create a clone which Mario and his team must figure out what to hit. Yaridovich also has the deadly Water Blast move which can cause major damage to all of Mario's team.


Yaridovich, due to being completely made of metal, has a major weakness to Thunder-based attacks. Mallow and his Thunderbolt move should be used in this battle. There are two ways to tell which is the clone and which is the real Yaridovich. The clone has much lower defense than Yaridovich so one will know if they deal more damage to one. The other way involves Mallow and his Psychopath move. The clone always have 500 HP and even his message "I'm not the real Mccoy!" gives him away. 

Special Attacks


  • The first part of his name "yari" comes from the name of a Japanese spear which Yaridovich resembles.

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