Yakuman DS is a mahjong game for the Nintendo DS that was produced by Nintendo. The game was first and only released in Japan in 2005 and in 2006, Nintendo released an updated Yakuman DS with the Wi-Fi connection to play online. The principle of the game is to play a duel mahjong with many characters from the Mario series.


  • Free Mode: Chose the character and the CPU opponent to play a mahjong game.
  • Challenge: The player is given a number of opponents to defeat.There is 3 difficulty: Easy,normal and hard challenge are available.
  • Ranking: The player start a game at rank 20 and must defeat the other opponents to ascend and become rank 1.The ranking system work by winning points by beating other characters.
  • Multiplayer
    • Local: Play in multiplayer mode (2 players to 4) by the wireless communication.
    • Online(2006) Play in multiplayer mode by the wi-fi connection.There is a friend code system and the player can chat with his/her voice.


Yakuman ds gameplay

Yakuman DS Gameplay




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