A X-Yux (pronounced as Cross-Yux), is a red, X-shaped enemy found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Its other characteristic features include a pair of eyes, a blue-colored torus on each limb, and a blue mouth.


It can be found inside the X-Naut Fortress on the Moon.


  • HP: 10
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 1


Created by the X-Naut scientists, it is the toughest Yux in the game. It has a two-part battle plan:

Part 1

  • X-Yux can call upon two Mini-X-Yux enemies at a time. When it reach the maximum of four, the X-Yux uses an attack that deals 2 HP of damage per strike.

Part 2

  • It can immobilize Paper Mario and his Partner.
  • Warning: If either character is immobilized, the best option would be to use the Run Away feature. An automatic Game Over will be assessed after a few rounds.

The best way to defeat an X-Yux, therefore, is to have Paper Mario and his Partner defeat the Mini-X-Yux enemies surrounding it first, and then focusing the attacks on it.



  • The eyes of an X-Yux resemble those of a Blooper. This is true of the entire Yux family.
  • Y-Yux and Mini-Y-Yux don't exist, since their pronunciation would have sounded like someone stuttering. (Instead, they are called Yux and Mini-Yux, respectively.)