Wuhu Island is a location in Wii Sports Resort and the area where everything takes place in the game. This place reappears in Mario Kart 7 as two courses and a battle stage.

In the Wii series

In Wii Fit, classic 8-bit sprites of Mario and Luigi can be seen throughout Wuhu Island while doing the jogging game. Sometimes, a Goomba, Mushroom, or Star classic 8-bit sprite may also be seen.

In Wii Sports Resort, when playing the Island Flyover event, the player can hear the Super Mario Bros. theme playing when flying by area with cabins. A ship in this game, called the Queen Peach, is based on Princess Peach.

In the Mario series

Wuhu Island is found in Mario Kart 7 as two racing tracks and a battle stage.

As a track, Wuhu Island is the general location for the course Wuhu Loop. In Wuhu Loop, racers drive around the island. Wuhu Island also appears again in Maka Wuhu, where drivers loop around Maka Wuhu (the volcano) and even drive inside of it. Both stages have a different layout than the traditional Mario Kart race. Rather than laps, both courses are start-to-end-point races, and are split into three parts. The first one to past the finish line at the end-point wins first. These two stages and Rainbow Road for this game are the only stages in the series that have these different rules.

The location reappears in the battle stage Wuhu Town, which is one of the three new battle stages in Mario Kart 7. The stage takes place at nighttime, and is located in the area that Wuhu Loop starts in.