World Crown is the fourth Special World and the twelfth and final world overall in Super Mario 3D World. It is unlocked after every Green Power Star and Stamp are collected as well as getting the Golden Flag by reaching the top of the Goal Pole for every level. It takes place in the farthest reaches of space, with Lumas and Star Bits floating about. This world contains three courses: a standard course, a Captain Toad Course, and a Mystery House. It is the smallest world in the game, and the only one to have both a Captain Toad Course and a Mystery House. Its shape is based on its name, as the world resembles a golden crown.


Champion's Road

The final level in Super Mario 3D World.

Captain Toad's Fiery Finale

The final The Adventures of Captain Toad level in Super Mario 3D World.

Mystery House Marathon

The final Mystery House level in Super Mario 3D World with 30 Green Stars.


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