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World 8-Bowser's Castle is a level from World 8 from the game New Super Mario Bros.. It is the final level of World 8 and as well as the game.


At the beginning of the level, there are some bridges and down there are Podoboos under orange bridges. After that section, there is a Door. Inside there is an upside-down Door,with some blocks. The one on the middle has a ? Switch in it, the one on the left has some coins, and the one on the right has a power-up. The effect that the ? Switch does is that tilts the ground upside-down. The door also tilts, too. Next, there are some Rocket Engines next to three blocks. After that section, there is a Dry Bones. Moving forward, there is a block near some spikes.

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Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: In the fifth room, in the top-left section of the room, avoid the Thwomps while collecting this one.
  • Star Coin 2: In an unreachable room underneath the stairs. In the fourth room, avoid the Rocket Engines, jump over a big gap containing spikes, hit the lone Brick Block to reveal a Red ? Switch and press it while avoiding the Rocket Engine. Proceed to the 5th room, avoid the Thwomps, hit the Brick Block to reveal a ? Switch and press it, then return to the fourth room and jump onto the platform and enter the door from there, and find the Star Coin underneath the stairs.
  • Star Coin 3: In the second part of the castle, after jumping on the platforms in the correct order (Bottom, Top, then Middle), Ground Pound the Brick Blocks, get up the stairs and run down the stairs then crouch before entering the small opening to collect the third Star Coin.
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