World 8-5, is the forty-third level of Super Mario 3D Land.


The level opens alongside a large brick wall within a castle. Mario must traverse seveal small blocks and platforms – some cracking and some flipping – in order to reach the other side of the lava-filled abyss below. The level sports a short top-down effect to the level while moving down a stairway of cracked platforms, and afterward, Mario must dodge the attacks of several Bullet Bills while moving along flip panels. Mario then can use the pole to reach the level's Checkpoint.

From here, Mario must move along a large "O-shaped" bridge of flip panels with Rocky Wrenches throwing wrenches at Mario. Along the second staircase of cracked blocks, Mario reaches the last portion of the level – a bridge of flip panels with Banzai Bills shooting over. Across the final bridge of flip panels, Mario is confronted by a single Rocky Wrench and beyond it, is the Flagpole of the level.


Enemies that appeared in World 8-5:


  • The first Star Coin of the level is found on the blue side of one of the first flip panels in the level.
  • The second Star Coin is on top of the center Rocky Wrench just past the level's checkpoint.
  • The final Star Coin is obtained within the Mystery Box of the level which is located before the portion of the level including Banzai Bills.