World 8-5 is a level in World 8 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The level itself takes place in a volcanic world with many Parabombs and Crowbers.


The level involves Mario riding a rickshaw platform across a sea of lava while avoiding the Lava Plumes erupting from the lava below. During his ride, Mario will have to also avoid any raining Parabombs and swooping Crowbers.


Mario starts the level on a rocky platform. Here, he must wait for the erupting Lava Plume to die down (unless you have a Starman) before crossing onto the rickshaw platform don't dawdle for too long as the level is scrolling. After jumping on the platform, tilt the platform with the use of the Wii Remote, as it sails across the track above the lava. While on the platform, dispose of any Bob-ombs that manage to come aboard and continue along the track's path. Continue along the track collecting the Coins and power ups along the way while avoiding the raining Parabombs and gushing Lava Plumes. The Checkpoint Flag is located on a small platform, tag the flag and then jump on the next rickshaw platform. More Parabombs are seen raining down here (you may need to use one to obtain the level's second Star Coin) and more Lava Plumes are seen erupting from the lava. After this area has been cleared, flocks of Crowbers will start trying to swoop you. Avoid or defeat all the Crowbers as you travel along the track (but travel quickly as the level is scrolling) and once you reach the track's end watch out for the final Lava Plume as you enter the Pipe, you will enter the next area where the Flagpole is. Reach the Flagpole to finish the level.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Near the beginning on a floating stone platform. tilt the rickshaw platform to position yourself to obtain the Star Coin or stomp on one of the Parabombs. Additionally, a run and jump can also be used.
  • Star Coin 2: After the Checkpoint, allow one of the Bob-ombs to board your platform, stomp on it, then toss it at the Star Coin which is dangling just above the lava (but be sure to keep the Bob-omb away from the Lava Plumes as it explodes instantaneously upon contact with one). Additionally, Propeller Mario's abilities can also be used to get the Star Coin easier.
  • Star Coin 3: Near the end of the track with the flock of Crowbers, the Star Coin is off the high end of the track. As the rickshaw platform falls to the lower tracks, jump up to grab the Star Coin whilst avoiding the incoming Crowbers, additionally stomping on a Crowber can also be used to gain enough height to get the Star Coin.