World 8-3 is the forty-first level of Super Mario 3D Land.


World 8-3 is a bubble-filled pass of rotating blocks, Rocky Wrenches, and . The level opens with a Rocky Wrench on a large square platform, and from here, Mario must traverse several rotating blocks in order to reach the second stage of the level. From here, the blocks get bigger. Across the long "T-like" shaped block, Mario reaches the Checkpoint. A ten-block checkered pattern is made of rotating blocks that must be traversed to reach the next part of the level. Here, Mario can "bowl" over a trio of Rocky Wrenches using pre-placed Koopa Shells. The last leg of the level opens with cylindrical platforms that rotate before a rather tall platform. The finally of the level is made up of a large platform made with two separate turns, and across this long, final platform, Mario reaches the Flagpole.


Enemies that appeared in World 8-3:

Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: If Mario is equipped with a Super Leaf, he can use a small cog near the first instance of larger, rotating platforms. From here, he can reach a higher platform where the first Star Medal is found.
  • Star Medal 2: The second Star Medal is among the several checkered platforms near the middle of the level.
  • Star Medal 3: The final Star Medal can be acquired by jumping onto the tall platform beyond the bridge of cylindrical platforms and moving right from there. A teleportation block will take Mario forward into the level as well.
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