World 8-1 is the thirty-ninth level of Super Mario 3D Land.


The level opens with three small paths patrolled by spiked balls that drop from the pipes above. Several Spinies are located in this area as well. After passing two moving platforms, Mario is chased by a giant spiked balls, and it is here Mario finds a Warp Pipe leading to the second stage of the level. This second area includes a large staircase which, like the beginning of the level, is the path of three different spiked balls. The staircase is built like an escalator, meaning Mario runs up the down-moving case slower than a normal one – in addition, Mario must use swift jumps and movements in order to dodge to the balls rolling down. Atop the case is the level's Checkpoint.

Past the checkpoint of the level, Mario finds another larger spiked ball atop the staircase. In addition to the balls, Mario must traverse a small chasm by way of flip panels that flip position each time Mario jumps. At this end, Mario finds a teleportation block atop a small pole. The final portion of the level begins with a long, down-pointing stretch of land that is bowled over by not just three small spiked balls, but also a larger one. Along the path, Mario finds several wooden boxes and further spiked balls. At the bottom of the path is a warp pipe and a cannon, both of which lead to the platform with the Flagpole of the level.


Enemies that appeared in World 8-1:

Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Mario can use the Exclamation Block before the first, larger, spiked ball to make a path to the first Star Coin of the level.
  • Star Medal 2: The second Star Coin is found in a secret platform near the second area with the spiked balls. Mario finds this area by jumping on a brick block and then onto the larger wall-like platform.
  • Star Medal 3: The final Star Coin is obtained by using the cannon at the end of the level to shoot upward.
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