World 8-1 is a level from World 8 which is found in the game New Super Mario Bros..


This level takes place on a barren wasteland, filled with Crowbers, Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, Boos, and Splunkins.



Run right, over the gap and get the power-up from the ? block. Note that throughout this level, crows will swoop down and aim for you, so watch out for these all the time. Watch the Bullet Bills and continue right, where after several gaps on a lower ledge are blocks, the ? block of which containing a power-up. Soon after are two blocks and a ? block above and between them; this contains a springboard. Grab it and take it to the two wooden blocks in the air and bounce upward (or bounce off a crow) off the screen, where you'll collect STAR COIN 1. Continue, past the Boo (slide down the ramp under him) and over the gap to the checkpont flag.

Power-up in the ? block and right past several Bullet Bill machines until you reach steps with STAR COIN 2 above. Bounce off a Bullet Bill to get it. After is a giant Bullet Bill machine with STAR COIN 3 just next to it. Drop down and get and when the giant Bill passes either wall jump off the machine and right back to the upper ledge or bounce off a passing Bullet Bill to get back up. Now head right to the exit flagpole.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1 - Mario must keep moving until there are two solid blocks, with a ? Block above them. Mario must then hit the ? Block to reveal a Trampoline, place it on top of the higher solid blocks and jump on it, revealing a secret area with a Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2 - The next Star Coin is found next to several Bill Blasters and a Boo. Mario must avoid them and collect the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3 - The last one is found next to a Banzai Bill Cannon, where Mario must collect it while avoiding the Banzai Bills fired from the Cannon.