World 7 is the seventh world in Super Mario Bros. and its remakes Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.


It is a grassland located in the Mushroom Kingdom. This is the second-to-last world in the game. This world consists of an overworld course, an underwater course, one set on another bridge, and the castle as usual. Once again, this world is set during daytime.

On the map in Deluxe, trees are abundant in the northern section. There is some water mostly on the southern half, and there are two pipes, plus the land has low elevation. Also, due to a large amount of land, the sky is not visible. From the west, the player will begin at 7-1, then be lead east to 7-2, which sits by a pipe. Directly south of the first pipe is another pipe, from which the player will be lead east to 7-3, which sits on a small piece land, shortly before the castle.


Name Image Description
SMB World 7-1 NES 1.png
This is an overworld course that features enemies such as Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, Bullet Bills, Piranha Plants, and Hammer Brothers. The player is given a time limit of 400 seconds.
SMB World 7-2 NES 1.png
This is another underwater course. It is identical in layout as 2-2, but with more Bloobers. The player is given a time limit of 400 seconds.
SMB World 7-3 NES 1.png
This is another course set along a bridge, and is the same in layout as 2-3. Enemies consists of Cheep-Cheeps and Koopa Troopas. The player is given a time limit of 300 seconds.
SMB World 7-4 NES 1.png
This is the castle course of this world. This level is similar to 4-4 in the sense that the player must solve the maze in order to confront the fake Bowser. The player is given a time limit of 400 seconds.


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