World 6 is the sixth world in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This world features many tall mountains, high cliffs and deep caves. There are eight levels in this world, each one higher up the mountain, including two castle levels guarded by Morton Koopa Jr.., and an additional airship level that takes place in the clouds above the summit. . It also has a total of eleven exits. Various Toad Houses are also found in the world, giving the player items such as Stars, Super Mushrooms, and Propeller Mushrooms. On the map, there are Bill Blasters which continuously fire Bullet Bills that attack Mario and the gang.

Mario Party: Island Tour has a board that resembles this world, called Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain.


New Enimyes

Stone Spikes Buzzy Beetles Monty Moles Rocky Wrenches Sledge Bros. Big Dry Bones Morton Koopa Jr. (Boss)


  • The castle boss in this level is similar to the final boss of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, with objects popping out of the ground and trying to crush the player.
  • When the player enters a stage in World 6 and the “let’s-a go” scene plays, the world’s background glitches. The Bullet Bill enemies’ animation pauses, although everything else, including the Piranha Plant enemies and clouds, continue to animate.