World 6-4 is the fourth level of World 6 in Super Mario Bros. and its remakes Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.


This castle is similar in layout to World 1-4's, however, it features additional Fire-Bars and Podoboos.

The player begins near some stairs that lead downwards, ending at a lava pit. Ahead is a platform surrounded by Fire-Bars and Podoboos. A ? Block containing a power-up is placed above it. Following a corridor of Fire-Bars placed on the ceiling, there is a room containing more Fire-Bars placed on both the ceiling and the floor.

Up ahead is a room with several Hidden Blocks, shortly before the bridge where the player will encounter the fake Bowser. On the bridge is a Podoboo jumping up from below and a horizontally moving lift above the fake Bowser. This fake Bowser also throws multiple hammers at the player.

Challenges in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, there are five Red Coins and a hidden Yoshi Egg to collect. The player will also obtain a medal based on their score. The target score for this level is 12000.

Red Coin locations

  • Red Coin #1 is located above the pit of lava, to the right of the ? Block.
  • Red Coin #2 is located above the end of the corridor of Fire-Bars.
  • Red Coin #3 is located in the bigger room, next to the second Fire-Bar on the ceiling.
  • Red Coin #4 is located at the end of the room with the Hidden Blocks, before the fake Bowser.
  • Red Coin #5 is located on the lift above the fake Bowser.

Yoshi Egg location

  • The Yoshi Egg is found inside a Hidden Block to the right of the first Fire-Bar.

Level map


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