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World 6-4 is the fifth main level of World 6 in New Super Mario Bros.. It is unlocked after completing World 6-3, and completing this level will unlock World 6-Fortress 2.


A Question Block containing a power-up is located near the start. Afterwards is the first of many Fire Bars that Mario must avoid. The first Star Coin is located above, which can be reached with Wall Jumps. Afterwards, Mario must walk across the ropes, either having to stay on them or swing below to avoid fire bars. After another rope swing, Mario will jump below to traverse jumps through more fire bars, until the player approaches a red ! Switch. The player must hit the switch to make red blocks appear to continue, or alternatively just Wall Jump. After a couple more jumps, the player will reach the checkpoint, with the second Star Coin located to the left. Advancing through the red Warp Pipe, Mario will then be forced to navigate more rope swings and lifts. After several rope swings, the path will split to an upper and lower route. The lower route will take Mario to a green Warp Pipe that takes the player directly to the Goal Pole, while the upper route will lead to another green pipe that takes the player to the third Star Coin. If the player goes for the Star Coin, the player will exit through the same pipe on the lower route to complete the level.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: At the beginning of the level, avoiding the first Fire Bar, Mario must Wall Jump to reach the above Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: Reaching the checkpoint, the player must make a few jumps to the left to obtain the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: When the rope swing after the checkpoint splits into two paths, Mario should take the upper path to access a Warp Pipe that will take them to the Star Coin. After successfully navigating rope swings past Fire Bars, Mario will go through a yellow Warp Pipe to take them back to the main level, and then take the green Warp Pipe to get to the end of the level.


Image Enemy name Count
Fire Bar 15

Level Map

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