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World 5 is the fifth world in New Super Mario Bros., the world is set in a snowy plain filled with icy mountains and ground, defeating the boss of this world allows access to World 6, though if the player completes the castle in mini form, they will gain access to World 7 instead.

The boss of this world is Petey Piranha, who has to be defeated by ground-pounding on him three times.


This world features 3 mushroom houses, and a cannon, which leads to World 8. This world also features 2 pipes, which lead to World 5-3 and World 5-Castle separately.

Secret Exits & Unlockables

Secret Exits


Enemies introduced


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New Super Mario Bros. (DS) 100% Walkthrough - World 5 (All Star Coins & Secret Exits)

by packattack04082

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