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World 5-Castle is the Castle level in World 5 in New Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario and a Super Dry Bones, near the end of the level.

The level starts on a platform, and if the player jumps to the right, they will approach a Conveyor Belt. Jumping onto another platform, the player will encounter a Dry Bones, and a blue Question Block. Hitting it will cause a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower to appear, depending on what form Mario or Luigi is. After that, the player will encounter several Conveyer Belts, as well as Piranha Plants along the way. Then, the player will encounter a series of platforms with many Dry Bones. After passing another Conveyor Belt, with a Dry Bones on it, the player will encounter more Conveyor Belts. There, the player will find a Venus Fire Trap, occupied by several Dry Bones, with a Super Dry Bones backing them up. After that, the player will come across another Piranha Plant. When entering blocks of ice, the player will hit the Checkpoint Flag. After that is many more Conveyor Belts and Piranha Plants. On one of the Conveyor Belts is another blue Question Block, which depending on Mario or Luigi's form, will give a Super Mushroom of Fire Flower. Another Conveyor Belt includes a Piranha Plant on a block of ice, and a Roulette Block, which will give Mario or Luigi and Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Starman or a Mini Mushroom. After that, the player will encounter a Super Piranha Plant. Then, the player will encounter more platforms of ice, with more Dry Bones and another Super Dry Bones, guarding the boss Door.

Boss Fight

Fire Mario fighting Petey Piranha.

After entering the boss door, the player will encounter Petey Piranha. To defeat him, first, he will fly up high in the air, but after a bit of time, once you are in his sight, he will land back down on the ground, giving you the opportunity to jump on him. Repeat this method two more times and your key will be obtained, giving the player access to World 6. If you defeated Petey Piranha as Mini Mario or Mini Luigi, you will unlock World 7, unless you've already unlocked it via the cannon in World 4. Also, after defeating Petey Piranha two times, before flying up into the air, he will jump three times, but it isn't hard nor easy to dodge him.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Near the end of the first set of Conveyor Belts and Piranha Plants, there is a Star Coin on a platform that the player can simply grab by using the Conveyor Belts.
  • Star Coin 2: After the second set of Conveyor Belts, with Dry Bones', there is a Springboard on the second highest Conveyor Belt, simply jump on it to land on some blocks to get the Star Coin. This may take a few tries though.
  • Star Coin 3: After passing through the Super Piranha Plant, there is a blue Question Block that contains a single Coin. If the player can reach on top of it, and get into the small alcove above it, go to the right and when you reach the end, fall down and land on a long Conveyor Belt. You will see the final Star Coin.

Item Count

Image Item name Count
NSMB Super Mushroom.png
Super Mushroom 6
NSMB Fire Flower.png
Fire Flower 5
NSMB Star.gif
Starman 1
Mini Mushroom 1


Image Enemy name Count
DryBonesNSMB.png Dry Bones 14
PiranhaPlant NSMB.png
Piranha Plant 8
centr Venus Fire Trap 1
Super Dry Bones 2
Super Piranha Plant.png
Super Piranha Plant 1
Boss:Petey Piranha 1


Map of World 5-Castle