World 5-4 is the fourth level of World 5 in Super Mario Bros. and its remakes Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.


This castle shares a similar layout with World 2-4, but this time, there are additional Fire-Bars and Podoboos.

SMB World 5-4 NES 2

Three Podoboos and a Fire-Bar.

The player begins at the top of some stairs leading to a lava pit that has Podoboos leaping out. Above the lava pit are platforms; the center one has the only ? Block in the level placed above it, and it holds a power-up. The platform also features a long Fire-Bar that is able to stretch to the other surrounding platforms. Following this lava are two paths lined with regular size Fire-Bars. The bottom path has more Fire-Bars than the top. Further on are two vertically moving lifts that move in opposite directions to each other, and there are Fire-Bars on both sides.

The player will encounter some gaps and Podoboos ahead, before approaching the fake Bowser, which breathes fire towards the player as they cross these gaps.

Challenges in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, there are five Red Coins and a hidden Yoshi Egg to collect. The player will also obtain a medal based on their score. The target score for this level is 13000.

Red Coin locations

  • Red Coin #1 is located to the right of the ? Block, over the gap.
  • Red Coin #2 is located in the top path lined with Fire-Bars.
  • Red Coin #3 is located between the two vertically moving lifts.
  • Red Coin #4 is located underneath the Fire-Bar, following the lifts.
  • Red Coin #5 is located inside the third Brick Block from the right, above the fake Bowser.

Yoshi Egg location

  • The Yoshi Egg is found inside a Hidden Block placed directly against the wall, following the two lifts.

Level map


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