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World 5-4 is a level found in World 5 in the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


This is one of the hardest stages in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the auto-scrolling and amount of enemies can be overwhelming, and seeing how your platform stops if some enemies are in it can be annoying, but to get around this, you just have to be patient.

The power-ups the level gives you are actually your best options to complete the stage. The fire flower is great to get you out of a troublesome situation, while the ice flower is pretty helpful to keep control of things. Using other or no power-ups can make this level extremely hard, as besides the penguin suit and the star, they can't deal with the huge amount of enemies the level throws at  you.

This level is also incredibly challenging in multiplayer mode, so if you decide to play the stage in this mode, you will need a lot of coordination.

Star Coins

Going for the star coins is also a pain, as the three of them are in spots where you can lose control over the platform. Your best options would be to have good agility and to grab them fast, but you will need some practice.

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