World 4-3 is a level that appears in Super Mario Land. It is the third and final level of World 4, the Chai Kingdom. It is also the final level in the entire game where Mario fights Tatanga in order to rescue Princess Daisy.


World 4-3 is a sky level, and Mario will be on his plane, the Sky Pop, for the whole level. Mario will be able to shoot down air enemies mainly Chikakos, Chickens, and Roketons. Some point, Mario will enter an area with walls meaning he must carefully navigate through the area. There are also some new enemies called Genkotsus, which replace the Piranha Plants. Eventually, Mario reaches a room where he must do battle with a large cloud named Biokinton first. Biokinton attacks by launching Chickens at Mario. Mario must shoot down Biokinton in order to defeat him, and Tatanga himself soon enters the battle. After a long battle, Mario defeats Tatanga and rescues Princess Daisy.

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