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World 4-2 is a level found in the game New Super Mario Bros.


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This stage introduces the purple mushroom platforms which will tip under the weight of Mario. Jump quickly across them or bounce off the heads of enemies to avoid being dumped over the edge. If Mario must remain on one then constant jumping or standing in the center will work just as well. The first Star Coin can be obtained by Wall Kicking off the left wall in such a way that Mario collects all the coins (and the Star Coin) in a single leap.

To reach the second Star Coin, Mario must stand on the edge of the right side and remain there until he collects the coin. Jump immediately at that point to avoid falling. There's a Red Coin Ring just up ahead that can be attempted. A little beyond that make sure NOT to do a Ground Pound and hit the box at ground level. Mario must instead jump down onto the purple mushroom platform and jump left. Hit the box to reveal a beanstalk, then stand on the purple mushroom and leap back up.

The beanstalk leads to a cloudy bonus area with another beanstalk up to the level's third Star Coin. When Mario returns he will be deposited onto a platform where he can simply hop, jump, and leap to the right to hit the highest point on the flagpole.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Mario should Wall Jump off the side of a rock formation and grab the Star Coin while avoiding falling down.
  • Star Coin 2: Mario can tilt the purple mushroom that has a red Koopa Troopa on it and then quickly jump to reach the Star Coin. Mario should then land on the nearby green mushroom to avoid falling into a pit.
  • Star Coin 3: When Mario reaches an area with a stepped platform, he can tilt the nearby mushroom to the left and hit the Brick Block to reveal a Beanstalk. He can then hit another block to reveal another Beanstalk. Mario can find the final Star Coin in the next area.

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