World 4-1 is a level found in New Super Mario Bros. This is the first level that introduces Dorrie.


This level is your standard jungle level, with poisonous water that is crossed by a Dorrie, and Scuttlebugs. This level also contains a Secret Exit.


Grab the Mushroom or Flower from the first boxes. The Scuttlebugs in this level work great for Mario to bounce across and collect points and coins. When he reaches two Scuttlebugs next to one another he must bounce off their backs to reach the first Star Coin. Keep moving until Mario reaches Dorrie in the water. Note also that Mario can bounce off the backs of enemies from the beginning of this stage until this point, garnering many 1-Ups in the process.

While standing on Dorrie's head, jump on top of the first three blocks that Mario passes. From here, bounce off the head of the first Scuttlebug to reach the second Star Coin. Mario can either land back on Dorrie or keep bouncing to the right. It's not actually necessary to use Dorrie here at all. Land back on Dorrie's head or keep jumping to reach the side. Hop across the Scuttlebugs to find the third Star Coin down below a set of blocks.

Slide down the side of the wall and Mario will land cautiously on the platform to get the coin. After that it's only a few jumps to reach the end. Jump from the edge of the ledge and bounce off the Scuttlebug to hit the top of the flagpole.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Mario should jump off one of the two Scuttlebugs to reach the first Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: While riding Dorrie, Mario should jump off one of the Scuttlebugs again to reach the second Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: After hopping off Dorrie, Mario can find two Scuttlebugs and a brown block formation. He should defeat both Scuttlebugs and carefully traverse the Donut Blocks and Poison Water to reach the final Star Coin.

Secret Exit

While Mario is riding Dorrie, the player should notice that on the way, there are two ? Blocks with three normal blocks in between. If Mario gets on top of them and jumps in the middle, a Beanstalk will come out of a Hidden Block. Mario must climb on it and enter the pipe to reach the Red Flagpole. The secret path opens up a 1-UP House, and World 4-Tower.

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