World 3-Ghost House is a level found in the game New Super Mario Bros..


This level takes place in a Ghost House. The main gimmick of this level involves Mario having to hit the various ? Switches to raise the stairs to progress through the Ghost House. At times, he may also have to use these Switches to reveal Doors.


In this house full of Boos, head to the right. When you reach the steep hill, take the lower path and hit the ? Switch to make the steps appear. Jump up the hill and slide down the other side. As a note when dealing with the Boos: if you turn your back to them, they will approach you; face them and they will cover their eyes and freeze. With that said, continue right. Go into the door and you see and hit the two ? Blocks inside to find a Boo and an item (Super Mushroom/Fire Flower).

Leave the room and continue going right until you reach the platform that move up and down. Enter the door to the right of it for now, and bounce on the Splunkins to grab Star Coin #1 in the air. Exit the room and wait for the platform to come down. At that point, hit the ? Switch and ride the platform upward. Quickly jump to the steps to the right, then go up them and jump to the upper-left steps. If you reach the top before the steps retract, you will be able to claim Star Coin #2.

Go back down and hit the switch again but this time, continue to the right from the first set of stairs. Go right and down the hill, then turn left at the bottom. Hit the brick block to reveal a ? Switch; hit it to make a door appear above you. Go back right and up the steps, then drop down and head through that door.

NOTE: If you want to reach the secret exit that leads to the Warp Cannon, follow these instructions. Hit the last ? Switch in the room, then quickly go right and wall jump against the right wall to reach the stairs slightly quicker. Jump up the steps and hop to the left, and go down the next set of steps fast. Once at the bottom, go right and you will see two doors. Go into the left door and you will end up at the secret exit's Flagpole.

In the new room, first jump up the ledges to the left and you will come to a Roulette Block. You will need to be Shell Mario for the next part, so try and stop it on the Blue Shell (if you are unsuccessful, come back later to do this) (you can also come in the level as Shell Mario or possess a Blue Shell in your inventory). Drop down to the lower area and head right to the ? Switch. Hit it and jump up all the stairs to the very top (if you're Shell Mario, you can just slide up the stairs without hitting the ? Switch). Once there, if you are Shell Mario, run and slide in shell form through the brick blocks to the right, then continue through the opening to get Star Coin #3.

When you're done here, go through the door. Now that you're outside of the Ghost House, jump up the blocks to the right and leap towards the Flagpole to exit and complete this stage.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is located in a room with several Splunkins roaming about. Bounce off one of the Splunkins heads to reach the Star Coin. If you miss your chance, leave the room and come back, the Splunkins will respawn.
  • Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is located atop a staircase. Hit the ? Switch to raise the stairs and jump to the suspended staircase to your left. The Star Coin is atop the staircase.
  • Star Coin 3: The final Star Coin is near the Ghost House's exit. You will need Shell Mario for this one as there are Brick Blocks blocking it off. You can get a Blue Shell from the nearby Roulette Block or have one stocked in your inventory. Slide up the stairs with your Shell (you can slide up the stairs without hitting the Switch) and plow through the Brick Blocks opening the path to the final Star Coin.