World 2 is the second world of the game Super Mario Bros. 2, following World 1. The world has a desert and pyramid theme to it, which is later revisited in World 6. It is in this world that the player meets for the first time the Cobrat Pokey and Panser enemies, as well as their first boss fight against the red Birdo the can spit fireballs as well as eggs. The main boss of the world, fought at the end of World 2-3 and before World 3, is Tryclyde, the three-headed snake.

Level information

World 2-1

This level is divided into two segments. In the first, the chosen character has to walk through the sandy and silvester desert as he or she avoids traps like quicksand and new enemies, such as Pokey cacti, Cobrat snakes, and numerous Pansers. After that, a pyramid is explored; the character has to dig through sand until reaching the bottom. Birdo is fought in a chamber full of chasms, so caution is the key in the battle.

World 2-2

Very similar to the first level, outside exploration is first, followed by an underground cavern. There is also an additional cavern where an extra life can be gained. In the first cavern, the player can get a magic potion. After the cavern there are six vases. Five of them are filled with red turtle shells and the other vase has a heart and a POW block. Then there is a large pit filled with Shy Guys. After going down the large pit there is a door that leads to a Birdo that shoots both fireballs and eggs. This is the first time Birdo can do that (although Mushroom Blocks can be used instead to battle her here).

World 2-3

If the player plays as Luigi, there is a cave right at the beginning of the level, that only Luigi can jump high enough to get to, that leads to a magic potion and a bunch of coins. The rest of the level is not too different from its two predecessors. The difference is that, once inside the pyramid, the chosen character must first fall through a hole. Then dig to the bottom to find a key that opens the door showing the path that leads to the world's boss, Tryclyde, before advancing to World 3.

Level Maps

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