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World 2 is the second world of the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is desert-themed, and consists of eight levels, of which two are castle levels guarded by Roy Koopa. This level is throttled with Mushroom Houses, assisting the player by forking over items such as Starman, Mushrooms and Propeller Mushrooms.

At one point in the world, there is an area in which Mario and his cohorts can get sucked into the sand and play in a level where they have to collect all the Toad Balloons without losing.


NOTE: italics are secret exits.

Level Unlocks Preview Description
2-1 World 2-3 2-1nsmbwii This level takes place in the desert and is the first level with sand geysers.
2-2 World 2-3 2-2nsmbw This level is filled with barrels and Spikes. There are areas with platforms infested with Koopas and Spikes.
1-3 World 2-Fortress 2-3 nsmbwii This level is a pitch dark cave, which is dimly lit by lanterns. Fire Bros. Fire Snakes, Fire Piranha Plants and Spike Tops are common enemies in this level
2-Tower World 2-4 2-tower nsmbwii This tower features metallic fences that the player can cling on.
2-4 World 2-5, World 2-6, World 2-Castle 2-4 nsmbwii Every few seconds, Wind blows in the level, forcing the player to the right.
2-5 Enemy Area, World 2-Castle 2-5 nsmbwii This level has many Pokeys as well as some Lakitus, and there's also a Yoshi in this level.
2-6 Enemy Area, World 2-Castle, World 2-Cannon 2-6 nsmbwii This is a mushroom level that mostly has moving coins and blocks.
2-Cannon World 5-1 N/A The Warp Cannon of World 2, leading directly to World 5.
2-Castle World 3-1 2-castle nsmbwii This castle is filled with lava pits, and three-way corridors, of which only one is the correct path. The boss is Roy Koopa.
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