World 2 (A.K.A. Ancient Desert) Is the Second World of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, containing six Levels, a Tower, a Castle, a Warp Cannon and a Main Boss, named Roy Koopa. Three Special Stages - The Mushroom Houses (Red, Green & Gold) - There are Three Special Stages, one Red Toad House, a Green Toad House and one Golden Toad House; The Red Toad House upon the completion of 2-1/2-2, the Green Toad House upon the completion of 2-Tower, and the Golden Toad House in the Left Side of the Enemy Area. The Main Element of this World is Sand. This world also contains Sand Spouts which launch Mario and friends into the air and Quicksand which pulls them down. Mario and friends have to quickly jump out of the quicksand before sinking all the way under.

At one Point in the World, there is an Enemy Area in which Mario and his Cohorts can get sucked into the Sand and Pass through an Enemy Course with Spinys.


Unlocks Preview Description
World 2-1 World 2-3 2-1nsmbwii.png The First Desert Level. Features Sand Geysers and Pokeys.
World 2-2 World 2-3 2-2nsmbw.png This Level is filled up with Barrels and Spikes.
World 2-3 World 2-Tower 2-3 nsmbwii.png This Level is a Pitch Dark Cave , featuring Fire Snakes and Fire Bros. The Advantage is that the Fire Enemies makes Light , helping You See what's is in Your Front.
World 2-Tower World 2-4 2-tower nsmbwii.png This Tower features Metalic Fences , allowing Mario to Climb on It. The Main Boss of this Tower is Roy Koopa.
World 2-4 World 2-5, World 2-6, World 2-Castle 2-4 nsmbwii.png Every Few Seconds , Wind appears on the Level and Force You to the Right Direction. It features Spike Tops. It Also causes Sand Dunes On The Floor. A Secret Exit is on this Level , going into an Hidden Path in the Top of the Level and entering on a Red Pipe. Use the Forcing Wind to get a Little Help.
World 2-5 Enemy Area, World 2-Castle 2-5 nsmbwii.png This Level contain more Pokeys than Before , and also Shows Lakitus throwing Piranha Plant Seeds. It Also have a Yoshi on this Level.
World 2-6 Enemy Area, World 2-Castle, World 2-Cannon 2-6 nsmbwii.png Another Athletic Level , now with an Huge Spinning Square Mushroom. It Contains an Secret Exit , leading to a Warp Cannon. To Acess it , use the Propeller Mushroom in one Part of the Level and go Up to find an Hidden Red Pipe.
2-Cannon World 5-1 N/A The Warp Cannon of World 2, leading directly to World 5.
World 2-Castle World 3-1 2-castle nsmbwii.png This Level is filled with Lava Pits , including 3-Way Paths. One of Them is the Right Path , so Decide it Wisely! The Boss Is Still Roy Koopa.