World 2-Castle is a castle level in New Super Mario Bros..


At the beginning of the level, there are several Brick Blocks, but a huge spike ball destroys these blocks. There are spiked balls like this throughout the entire level, so Mario must be careful. Next, there is a Question Block that wields a power-up, a few more Question Blocks, and a rope that Mario can use to swing over a giant spike ball. Next, there are three Question Blocks, and a narrow passageway which spike balls come through, so Mario should crouch down to avoid being hit. Next Mario should jump on top of the stone blocks to avoid the spiked balls. To get the first Star Coin, he should wall jump up to the next floor, crouch so that he doesn't get hit, and grab the coin. After this there is a Pit and a spiked ball before a door to the next area. Shortly after the Midway Point of the level, Mario will encounter numerous Bullet Bills, which he can jump on to get the second Star Coin. Just past this, there is a ? Switch, which will lower the level of the sand, making it possible for the spike ball here to roll up and down the slopes. Next, there is a rope that can be used to jump to two Question Blocks, but it is simpler just to dodge the giant spike ball and continue. If Mario is Mini Mario past this, he can get the third and final Star Coin. Then there is another ? Switch, which can be pressed to lower the sand level. This will make it possible to enter the door to Mummipokey, and it also makes the spike ball near the door roll up and down. When Mario enters the door, he will find himself in an underground room with some sand. If he walks up to the sand, Mummipokey will appear.

When Mario defeats Mummipokey, he will be able to go to World 3. If he does it as Mini Mario, he can go to World 4.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: After you are past the section where you duck under the Spiked Balls, there is a split path where you can go up or down. Go to the upper path and the Star Coin will be there.
  • Star Coin 2: In the area with the Bullet Bills, use a bullet bill to reach a ledge where the Star Coin is.
  • Star Coin 3: There will be an area with a gap only small enough for Mini Mario to pass. The Star Coin will be in there.