World 2-Airship, also known as World 2-5, is the tenth level of Super Mario 3D Land.


The level is the first Airship level in Super Mario 3D Land and is also one that, similar to the airship levels of Super Mario Bros. 3, features an automatic side-scroller that makes it so if Mario falls behind, he automatically loses his life. The first airship of the level sports fire-shooting cannons and a tightrope to the next. In between the two ships, however, is a cannon launching Bullet Bills, and more Bullet Bills are being fired aboard the second airship. A teleporting box on the second ship leads to a bonus ship, giving coins and extra time. On the third and final airship, the Wacky Watch makes his first appearance in Super Mario 3D Land. After the Wacky Watch, Mario makes his way to the Warp Pipe to the boss.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1 - Go in the Orange Warp Box and it'll take Mario/Luigi to a small Airship. the small airship grants the Mario/Luigi a coin path leading to the Random Item box, along with the first Star Coin and 2 +10 Timers.

Star Coin 2 - With the floor with a Mounty Mole, there is a shadow outline of a Star Coin. Perform a wall jump to reach the Star Coin or use the elevated ledge to reach the Star Coin.

Star Coin 3 - Before going into the pipe, there are some platforms under the pipe, which there is also a Star Coin underneath the pipe.


Enemies that appeared in World 2-Airship:


Upon entering the Warp Pipe inside the final airship, Mario meets Boom Boom. Boom Boom falls from the ceiling and the two square off. Boom Boom attacks by spinning around, while Mario tries to jump on the turtle. After each hit, Boom Boom begins to spin out of control around the room. After three hits, Boom Boom is defeated and a new Warp Pipe opens up. From here, Mario finds the Flag Pole and leaves the level.

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