World 2-6 is a sky level in New Super Mario Bros..


Unlike the other parts, the start of the level in a desert area with quicksand, similar to the other levels in World 2. To progress, Mario should run past the Question Blocks and enter the red Warp Pipe. He will then come out on a platform which is moving through the sky. Mario can grab numerous coins in this level as well. Then there are three Question Blocks, and two Piranha Plants on platforms. Right after this, a Piranha will be deposited onto Mario's platform, so he should be careful. Right after this, there is a green pipe with a Piranha Plant coming out of it that Mario needs to duck to avoid. Mario can jump to get the first Star Coin in the level right after this. The Star Coin is also located next to some Question Blocks. Then, a platform without a Piranha Plant on it will come along, and Mario can ride on it to hit some Question Blocks. Then, Mario should jump onto a platform above, where there is a Question Block. However, one of the Piranhas will be carried up here as well. If Mario is careful, he can get the second Star Coin here. Just past this, a Super Piranha Plant on a platform will come along and attempt to bite Mario. Then, Mario should jump off the two main platforms onto a series of smaller platforms. Here, he must dodge the fireballs launched by Venus Fire Traps. The third Star Coin and a green warp pipe to the next part of the level are here too.

In the next part of the level, the level returns to the ground. Here there is a large pit, and over it there are three platforms, one of which has a Piranha Plant on it. Mario should avoid the Piranha and slide down the flagpole.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: In plain sight, simply jump to get it.
  • Star Coin 2: Once again in plain sight, easier to get on the upper platform.
  • Star Coin 3: In plain sight next to a Venus Fire Trap.