World 2-5 is a desert level in New Super Mario Bros.


At the beginning of the level, there are several Question Blocks sitting on the ground, and a few block towers. However, one of the block towers is no ordinary tower; it is a Blockhopper. After a couple more blocks, a Spiny is encountered. By standing on top of the Blockhoppers, Mario can get the first Star Coin. Mario should then progress through the desert, avoiding Blockhoppers. Shortly after this, Mario will find the Midway Point and some Fire Snakes. After a pit, a P-Switch can be found by hitting a block. Mario should use the Blockhopper to hit the P-Switch, and then follow the trail of blocks (as the coins are turned into blocks) and grab the first second Star Coin. From here, there are two paths: The first path is to go through the pipe guarded by a Boomerang Bro., find a Blockhopper, and slide down the flagpole. The second path is to go into the quicksand under the Boomerang Bro., and continually jump to avoid being sucked in. Mario will then find that the block to the right can be jumped through. Mario should then jump carefully through the blocks to get to an area with many coins, a Blockhopper, and the third and final Star Coin. Mario will then jump through the blocks again to enter the same area that can be reached if he goes on the first path.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is high above one of the columns, use one of the Blockhoppers to gain enough height to reach it but don't kill them beforehand.
  • Star Coin 2: This Star Coin is especially tricky to get to as you have to worry not only about the positioning of the Blockhoppers but also the Fire Snakes homing in on you. Hit one of the brick blocks to reveal a P Switch then use the Blockhopper to gain some height to reach it then pound the switch to turn the coins into brick blocks allowing you to reach the second Star Coin
  • Star Coin 3: The final Star Coin is near the end of the level. Near the area with the Boomerang Bro. eliminate the Boomerang Bro. but don't take the pipe up instead drop into the quicksand below (but don't sink all the way down) and go to the right in the hidden path. At the bottom, you will find a Blockhopper and the final Star Coin is right above it but don't kill the Blockhopper before getting the Star Coin as there will be no way to reach it otherwise.