World 2-3 is a level that appears in Super Mario Land. It is the third and last level of World 3, the Muda Kingdom. This is also the first and only level where Mario uses the Marine Pop.


World 2-3 is an underwater level, so Mario will be using his Marine Pop for the entire level. This level also functions as an auto scroller level meaning Mario will be moving at a specific pace. There are many underwater enemies in this level, including some new ones called Torions and Gunions. The boss at the end of the level is called Dragonzamasu, who is a large Yurarin Boo. Dragonzamasu mainly attacks by shooting fireballs at Mario, and Mario must shoot Dragonzamasu with his Marine Pop. However, a creature known as Tamao assists Dragonzamasu by blocking Mario's torpedoes. Once Dragonzamasu is defeated, Mario can advance to the next world, the Easton Kingdom.


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