World 2-3 is the eighth level of Super Mario 3D Land, and the third in World 2.


World 2-3 is the first level featuring the Propeller Box. The first platform of the level is shaped like an 8-bit Mario. From here, Mario can obtain the Propeller Box, and with it, he can fly to the sky and gently float down. Using it, he can obtain several amounts of coins in the level, but it is a necessity to move onward in the level. After crossing a few floating blocks, Mario makes his way to a large platform shaped like an 8-bit Mushroom. Here, Mario can collect even more coins, and must fly across a large number of Paragoombas and blocks to reach the third platform. This third platform, shaped like an 8-bit Princess Toadstool, leads to the final area in the level via a teleporting block. The final area's appearance is similar to that of the final part of most levels in Super Mario Bros..

Star Coins

Star Coin 1: Head toward one of Mario's foot at the start of the level. With a Tanooki Suit, break the block to reveal the Tanooki Wheel. Spin the Wheel until Mario/Luigi reached the 8-bit Luigi area. There is the first Star Coin above the P-Switch.

Star Coin 2: If Mario/Luigi are carrying a propeller block, After leaving the 8-bit Mushroom, and close to the 8-bit Peach, there is the second Star Coin which is under a gold ring. Since it is above an abyss along with being unreachable, grab the second Star Coin, and use the propeller Block to get to safety. Be aware that there is a Paragoomba is guarding the Star Coin.

Star Coin 3: After the Second Star Coin, if Mario and Luigi are wearing the Tanooki Suit, break the bottom-left block of the 8-bit Peach, and it'll reveal another Tanooki wheel. Spin the wheel as it'll take Mario/Luigi to the third and Last Star Coin. It has to be grabbed while they have a propeller block; otherwise, they can't reach the Star Coin.


Enemies that appeared in World 2-3:

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