World 2-2 is the seventh level of Super Mario 3D Land.


World 2-2 is another underground level of Super Mario 3D Land. The level features several switches that create bridge-like platforms that retract after a few seconds as well as many different sections filled with poisonous liquid that will instantaneously defeat Mario (or Luigi) upon impact. The level is dark, with a few Paragoombas. After a couple of rooms, Mario (or Luigi) finds the Checkpoint of the level. As the level proceeds, the bridges become slightly more advanced, and eventually, Mario (or Luigi) finds the Warp Pipe that leads to the above-ground with the flagpole. Left of the flagpole are a few bricks that Mario (or Luigi) can break and crouch under to find a star.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1 - Activate the second platform generator, and it'll build a path to the first Star Coin.

Star Coin 2- After the checkpoint, before moving toward the level, there is a room to visit behind the ceiling above the Checkpoint flag. The room grants Mario/Luigi the second Star Coin alone with a +100 timer. There is an unlit torch near the room, lighting the torch will create a coin path to the room.

Star Coin 3 - Taking the exit pipe, before touching the goal pole, there are breakable blocks to your left after using the pipe. With a Tanooki Suit, use the tail to break the blocks, crawl to the room, and there, the room holds the third and last Star Coin.


Enemies that appeared in World 2-2:

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