World 2-2 is a level in World 2 of New Super Mario Bros. It is a grassy level, although there are still pyramids in the background.


At the start of the level, there are a few red Koopa Troopas which are walking on top of platforms. Just after this, a Lakitu will appear and begin throwing Spinies at Mario. The Lakitu first chases Mario through an area with several Brick Blocks and Question Blocks. Mario has to be careful, as there are a couple pits here. Then there are more platforms with red Koopas on them, a Piranha Plant, and the second Star Coin in the level. In this area, if Mario gets a Lakitu Cloud he can get the first Star Coin. The second Star Coin can be reached by Ground Pounding through the blocks. Then there is another Piranha Plant, numerous blocks, and the Midway Point. There are even more blocks after this, and two Warp Pipes. The green pipe will shoot Mario up into the sky, where he will enter a yellow pipe, which will take him to a cloud area. In this cloud area, there are two pipes, which can shoot Mario further up into the sky so he can grab the third Star Coin. Mario can leave by entering the red pipe. If Mario chooses not to do that, he will go to an area with a few swaying orange mushrooms platforms, and then he will slide down the flagpole.

Star Coins

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